Who We Are

We believe in the conjunction of business and community partnership as an answer to the most pressing challenges of society today.

Vikasa International Center will provide a platform for mutually enriching partnerships between corporates, entrepreneurs, institutions and communities. Its mission will be two-pronged, to harness vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and foster its growth, while promoting ethical business and strategic CSR amongst both small and medium enterprises and big industry. We enable the development of social enterprise and social investment to help foster a more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future for us all.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique partnership model aligns long-term, business and community relationships, because we believe business can help end poverty. We know that real change is led by community driven development, which focuses on existing assets of the community in creating positive socio-economic environments around the less privileged sections, communities and regions. The way we work is based on a deep respect for human dignity, culturally integrated with a positive approach. In doing so, Vikasa International Center promotes opportunities for improving people’s lives in our communities and societies.

Our value proposition for business, social entrepreneurs and impact investors:

  • We promote community centric social enterprises to create impact in remote and underserved geographies
  • We actively seek and promote social innovation and collaborative partnerships in making larger impact
  • We provide leadership in ethical and equitable sustainable development models
  • We help build scalable and sustainable value driven social enterprises to contribute to positive change in communities
  • We promote integrated incubation and a customized social and business environment.