Sustainability Reporting

The long term viability and social impact of a company is increasingly being evaluated in reference to certain globally accepted metrics and measurements. More than just incorporating social responsibility and ‘green’ initiatives into their operations, companies are attending to stakeholder demands for better, more transparent reports on non-financial sustainability data. These kinds of public reports, when performed independently, add to the reliability and credibility of the organization’s processes and operations.

Vikasa International Center offers the following services to companies in meeting their measurement and reporting challenges:

sustainability reporting

  • Social Audit
  • Social Performance Standards & Benchmarking Evaluations
  • Sustainability Reporting/NVG/BR disclosure/Non-Financial Disclosure
  • IFC Social Performance Standards & Human Rights
  • GMI, GRI/UN Global Compact Sustainability Reporting
  • Social Accountability Standards – Assessments
  • ISO26000 Assessments
  • Public Consultation & Disclosure Plans