Strategic CSR

CSR is increasingly embedded into business management processes as a strategic tool for risk mitigation and is emerging as a business tool seeking social alignment. Various social and environmental challenges drive business to invest in strategic CSR, which will work to engage stakeholders, mitigate risk and improve social visibility and brand equity.

  • CSR is shifting from philanthropy to strategic business planning and management
  • CSR is getting integrated into the “value chain” to make value addition by building sustainable supply chain
  • Knowledge economy is changing the business case for decision-making

Perception management

Companies have begun to prioritize improving positive perceptions related to their image.  The emerging role of investigative journalism, active NGOs and civil society has been playing a vital role in scrutinizing business on equitable, right based and environmentally sustainable dimensions. Further, mainstream investors are also now getting involved in social and environmental performance of business.  Hence, companies are realizing the need and role of perception management to highlight their effective B/CSR policies.

strategic CSR

Social Strategy & CSR

  • Social Policy Evaluation & Analysis
  • Sustainability & CSR: Strategy
  • Development Planning (social development and welfare programs)

Managing Social Opportunities and Sustainability

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Perception Management (IEC): Assessing, social/stakeholder perception; social licenses to operate
  • Institutional Assessments and Capacity Building
  • Human Rights & Gender Equality
  • Employee Social Performance & Health Impact Assessments
  • Climate Change & Adaptation – Social Vulnerability Assessments