Social Sustainability for Industry

We offer sustainable solutions to business through advisory services in mitigation of social challenges, and by ensuring community driven process and dialog is in place.

The developing world countries and more specifically the Indian sub-continent is witnessing a steady rise in demographics and crunch in natural resources clubbed with access to livelihood assets like never before. This gives rise to situations leading to exploitative, competitive demand among representative stakeholders for access, and stake over natural resources. Such situations often result in equating with rights, posing serious threat to business continuity and sustainability. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for business houses to assess their social vulnerabilities and mitigate such vulnerabilities through effective social risk management. Furthermore, strategic CSR in place will ensure social branding leading to added competitive advantage.

social sustainability for industry

Contemporary business is equating its performance on tangible social attributes involved throughout its business cycle. These processes critically appraise brand equity and the corporate image on sustainability of business performance. Social accountability, ethical business strategies and sustainable development are very important subject matters for business today. The social deliverables are seen as internal process of governance, strategically aligned with core values and vision in demonstrating business sustainability.

Clients, stakeholders, governments and communities evaluate the social performance of the company. Only when such processes are in place can we build sustainable and equitable communities, where business and civil society contribute effectively. In this context, Vikasa International Center is placing its capabilities and over three decades of community development expertise to promote and develop business and community partnerships for larger social impact.

Industrial segment

  • Mining
  • Water and beverages
  • Food processing
  • Paper and pulp
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceuticals

The six key strategic client segments of mining, water and beverages (water intensive), food processing (FMCG), paper and pulp, textile and pharmaceuticals will be catered with advisory services. We strive to create opportunities for our clients to improve business and sustainability performance.

The services will be rendered through in-house and empanelled consulting experts in the industry. While, offering these services, Vikasa International Center will make conscientious efforts to build capabilities and process in place to support rights, ethics, and community driven partnerships for sustainable, scalable and equitable social development.