Social Entrepreneurship

We believe that social entrepreneurship is the panacea to tackle the dual challenges of poverty and sustainability we face with growing concern in India today. Inequality has doubled in the last 20 years and 400 million people live on less than a dollar a day. Rapidly depleting natural resources means alternative measures must be adopted immediately for environmental sustainability. And yet, Indians are known for ‘jugaad’, that singular ability to adapt, invent and innovate to change life for the better. Increasingly, social enterprises are seen as units of business acumen committed to identifying and implementing sustainable and profitable solutions to local problems. For effective social growth and reforms, social enterprises cannot act in a vacuum but must develop in tandem with improved public sector services, and responsible business. Vikasa International Center is doggedly committed to championing the cause of social entrepreneurs, and tying this in with corporate investments in social business ventures.

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Services for Social Entrepreneurs - Bala Vikasa International Center

Currently as part of the ‘Socent Fellowship’ support; BVIC and UnLtd Hyderabad have on-boarded nine social entrepreneurs working in enterprises focusing on livelihoods/skill development, energy, healthcare, education and women & youth development focus areas. These enterprises located in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are operated by highly passionate individuals who apply new ideas and entrepreneurial skills to tackle social problems around them. We at Socent provide the entrepreneurs with financial and non-financial assistance [Incubation support (coaching, mentoring and business development)] over a period of twelve months, to mould them into high-impact and investable social enterprises.

A brief on the current fellows under ‘Socent Fellowship':

Social enterpreneurhship


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Fellow Name Venture Name Sector Idea
Abdul Allika Livelihoods Create livelihoods to rural youth and women by involving them in the business of making handicrafts out of water hyacinth available in lakes in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Nagesh & Srinivas vRemind Healthcare Reducing child mortality rates by providing timely vaccination reminders to parents through SMS and App based technology.
Neha & Monisha Rubaroo Youth Empowerment To create a platform, that is a safe and an inclusive space for young people to access opportunities of learning and self-development.
Koushik Sustain Earth Energy Enhancing access to clean energy in rural India by innovating and integrating renewable energy technologies, agricultural engineering & IoT.
Gauri & Udita Umeed Women empowerment Umeed strives to provide training to women to create and sell simple and beautiful handicrafts, thus giving these women exposure to new life-skills; such as planning, budgeting, teamwork and creativity and financial independence.
Vandhya & Rekha Ishma Livelihoods To address the problem of dying Indian handicrafts by infusing techniques and skills of local artisans in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to design accessories and home products for urban populations .
Binaya Kumar Enterprise India Livelihoods To manufacture eco-friendly/bio-degradable disposable products and in doing so providing employment to the tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh.
Dasanna Subodha Learning Solutions Youth Empowerment/Development To create an innovative program to motivate youth to realise and unleash their full potential and also help them pursue the careers of their interest.
Sarthak & Abhijith Thousand Smiles Education To mobilize communities and schools to work as partners and create a healthy learning environment for children.