Workshops & Seminars

Past Events

1. Two day induction program- Induction on Social Entrepreneurship for International Students & NGO Professionals. [September, November, 2015 & 2016]

Bala Vikasa International Center organised an induction programme on social entrepreneurship for participants in PDTC, Warangal. The participants came in from diverse countries such as (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Guinea, Italy, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Nigeria, Guinea, Sudan and Zimbabwe) to understand the diverse aspects of social entrepreneurship, the characteristics of social entrepreneurs and the sectors in which they work in. A total of 90 participants shared with each other the social enterprise landscape in each of their countries and the challenges being faced.

The participants worked in groups to create their own social enterprise by identifying systematic business approaches. Having come from diverse backgrounds, the knowledge sharing amongst the participants was very enriching.

2. Induction on Social Entrepreneurship for NGO sector professionals across India.  [September, November, 2016]

A one day session on Social Entrepreneurship was held in PDTC, Warangal for participants from across six states in India [Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha].

The participants coming from diverse professional backgrounds were introduced to the basic understanding of social entrepreneurship and how private businesses established by entrepreneurs can lay emphasis on human values and creating sustainable profits.  The participants worked in groups to understand how NGO activities can become self-sustainable by using business approaches and bottom up community driven strategies which will enhance the social capital within the community.

3. Youth Convention on Social Entrepreneurship in Warangal, Telangana.[March , August, 2016]

Bala Vikasa International Center [BVIC] has organised two youth conventions in the month of March & August for four thousand young individuals on social entrepreneurship. Mr. Shoury Reddy, the executive director enlighted them the advantages of using grass root innovations to create sustainable social enterprises to achieve social change.  He encouraged them to utilise business strategies and innovation to bring social, financial, service, educational or other community benefits.

4. Social Entrepreneurship [ Overseas Programme]

Bala Vikasa International Center has organised a programmes on social entrepreneurship in Bangladesh to a set of 25 participants to on-board them on the Indian social entrepreneurial eco-system.

5. P Cubed Conference Social Enterprise: The New Model for CSR Hitex, Hyderabad 2015

Bala Vikasa International Center organised the “P Cubed Conference” to throw light on the importance of combining the resources of CSR with the models of social entrepreneurship which can be instrumental in bringing about sustainable change and addressing the numerous social and economic challenges. 160 participants from the corporate, social entrepreneurship and non-profit spaces came together to listen and deliberate on this unique synergy of concepts. The Minister of IT and Panchayati Raj Mr. Taraka Ramarao touched briefly on new initiatives of his department in promoting micro and rural entrepreneurship, through technological innovation. As micro-entrepreneurship falls within the ambit of Vikasa International Center’s mandate, this was an interesting insight into potential future programs.