Our Vision And Values

Our Vision

We long for a just and peaceful society in which each individual and each community is empowered and self-reliant; where human dignity, equal rights and equal opportunities are enjoyed by all.

Our Mission

We provide comprehensive support in the form of knowledge and tools to corporates and entrepreneurs with the aim of equipping them to actively participate in the sustainable developmental process towards a better society through:
– Building the capacities of CSR teams by organizing training programs in Community Driven Development
– Offering consultancy in planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on CSR initiatives
– Fostering entrepreneurship through capacity building, networking and mentoring

How we evaluate our commitment at Vikasa International Center

The VIC shall engage in measuring its performance every year in the month of September with the following indicators that reflect mission commitment:

• How are we promoting and sharing our values with communities, partners and individuals?
• How are our partners engaged in promoting and sustaining social innovation and impact for larger social goals?
• What is the effectiveness of our advisory services with key sector client in contributing to positive social impact?
• Are our promotional, facilitative and enabling services effective? Are we providing a conducive environment for, and nurturing social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development as a strategy to overcome poverty and inequality in our society?
• Are we facilitating effective linkages, and seeking convergence with civil society and business responsibility towards building sustainable communities?